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"Prather Full Splice designs"

"Here at Prathers we are very proud of our latest achievement, a Full Splice Butt with sharp, even points. We developed, engineered, and built the machine right here in our shop for this exclusive new Full Splice cue. Available without veneers, or your choice of any four colored veneers.
SBH1 Prather Full Splice (no veneers)
Straight Maple (forearm) and Most Rosewoods (butt)
prices start at
SBH2 Prather Full Splice (with four .040" veneers)
Straight Maple (forearm) and Most Rosewoods (butt)
prices start at
*Call for availability and price of other woods

Add $80.00 to turn butt to finish size

We would be glad to use your wood!
Using your wood takes $10.00
off of price

If customer supplies their wood we need minimum
forearm = 1 3/8" x 18" (round is fine)
butt = 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 24" (must be square)

Butts usually ship at 31" to 32"